Our Food Safety

Feel safe with our fully traceable food safety program.

Primuslabs.com’s overall Food Safety level for Fillmore Piru Citrus Association is rated as: EXCELLENT

Primus Labs

At Fillmore-Piru Citrus, Food Safety is an integral part of the entire operation. Food Safety practices are utilized in the growing, harvesting, warehousing, packing and shipping parameters of the company. Safe Food Practices are also utilized by Fillmore-Piru Citrus employees. 

Food Safety within Fillmore-Piru Citrus is dynamic in nature. Every management action ensures that Food Safety not only fits comfortably into the overall objective of Fillmore-Piru Citrus but that it is also understood and easily executed by each and every employee.

The goal of the Fillmore-Piru Citrus hazard program is to institute a proactive food safety system for its growing, harvesting, processing and cooling operation whereby any potential product hazards are anticipated and controlled from product reception through distribution.  Food safety and quality control is the responsibility of all employees of Fillmore-Piru Citrus and affiliated service and product providers. Management has provided the tools and established guidelines for producing safe, wholesome, quality products.  All employees are accountable for consistently maintaining these standards.

The hazard program has been established with the help of the company officers.  Although the burden of food safety and quality control is in the hands of management and supervisors, all employees serve as inspectors when the product moves through their area.  Fillmore-Piru Citrus employees are authorized to comment to their supervisors when a product is a suspect of being out of compliance.